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  • Join our premier mixed use community where you can work from home and most of everything you need is just around the corner, literally.

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    Stillwater premier mixed-use development is 27 acres strategically located at the light at the intersection of S Urban Gate Avenue and Hwy 44, just west of Eagle Rd.  The site is located on the Boise River with direct Greenbelt access and just near Eagle Island State park, the property benefits from excellent proximity to downtown Eagle catering to both residents and customers within the area.

    • Commercial Lots for Sale and Lease - Bring your own builder - (some of the buildings will have Condo/Flex units above)
    • 60,000 sf of mixed office, corporate campus, restaurant retail & fitness 
    • 30,000 sf of flex-residential, office, work studio
    • 70 Single Family Residence
      • 34 Patio Homes
      • 12 Cottage Homes
      • 12 Townhomes
      • 12 Live/Work Townhomes
    • Community Pool, Hot Tub, Outdoor Kitchen
    • Recreational/Aesthetic Ponds
    • Boise River Access
    • Greenbelt Connectivity
  • Industrial Farmhouse Construction

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    70 Single Family Residence Lots - 12 Cottage Home Lots - 12 Townhome Lots - 12 Business Office/Live/Work Townhome Lots 

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    Commercial Lots For Sale and Lease (Some with Residential Condo Space Above) - 60,000 sf of mixed office, corporate campus,  restaurant, retail & fitness 

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    Boise River Access - Greenbelt Connectivity - Recreational Lake - Community Pool - Hot Tub - Outdoor Kitchen - Basketball Court

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  • Karen Elitharp

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    Located off of S Urban Gate Ave on the south side of Hwy 44/State St 1.5 miles east of Eagle Rd.


    1600 W Copper Silo St,  Eagle, ID


    Tel: 208.919.1676

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